I am writing this to all of you curly girls out there. You are NOT alone! : ) If you are reading this then you have at least a minor curiosity to know more about how you can care for your curly hair. Maybe you have come to the end of your rope in your everyday battle to tame your “misbehaving” hair, and you are finally ready to know more. You might be one of those blessed few who have already come to enjoy their curls, but would like more information on how to make their curls look their best. Is it possible that you yourself were not born with curly hair but have a child who was or that you have had it chemically processed so that it is now curly? No matter what your reasons for visiting CurlyYou, I would venture to say that most of my readers are displeased with some aspect of their hair or hair care regime. I have been there and still visit Displeasureville from time to time, albeit once in a blue moon. It was when I was where you are now that I stumbled across a book at the library that changed the way I will look at curly hair forever. That is where I want you to start today; in whatever fashion you can manage it, get your hands on a copy of Curly Girl: The Handbook By: Lorraine Massey
Click the link below to buy it now at Amazon.com: http://www.amazon.com/Curly-Girl-Lorraine-Massey/dp/0761123008

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