Friday, September 25, 2009

Co-washing part 1

Co-washing is one method of cleansing and moisturizing successfully used  by curly girls. In this method conditioner is substituted for shampoo when cleansing the scalp. Although strange in its concept, it is possible to achieve cleanliness with this method. Reasons for using this method range from a desire to completely avoid any shampoos; to mere curiosity. While I do not currently use this method, I have in the past, and can speak from first hand experience of its effectiveness. Why did I stop? Mainly, because I wanted to try something new (when I find a new method or product that interests me, I  try it.)
You  must purchase  conditioners that contain absolutely no silicone or any silicone derivatives. Silicones are not water soluble and WILL build up on your hair shaft. Over time the silicone begins to weigh down the hair, and makes it feel “a kind of funky” that you never want to experience. Silicones coat the hair shaft in such a way that lets no moisture in or out. This is bad because, once the hair has used up what ever moisture was trapped in, no new moisture can gain access. No moisture = dry brittle hair (remember the silicones are building up on the hair with each co-wash). As explained in the article Do’s and Don’ts, the only way to fully remove them from the hair is with a sulfate based shampoo.
Once you have picked out the proper conditioner you can begin to put this method to the test.  I will share with you, in co-washing part 2, the method of application I found to have the most favorable results.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Tip of the Week #1

Help keep your curls, or long locks, from getting matted or tangled while you sleep by placing your hair in a loose ponytail on top of your head. Now, if you don't mind the occasional odd stares from those close to you, you could also sleep with you hair in an old fashioned night cap. For those with short hair, and also those with long hair, sleeping on a pillow covered with a satin pillowcase will work as well.
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