Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Product Review: DivaCurl Travel Pack

For about a month and a half  or so I have been trying out the  products found in the DivaCurl Travel Pack*. The pack includes 3oz. size bottles of: No-Poo, The One Conditioner, Angell, and Set It Free.

DivaCurl Travel Pack  Warning!: These products are NOT recommended for those with fine to medium-fine textured hair. They contain no proteins and a fair amount of humectants.  If you have medium/normal textured hair  and choose to use these products but find that your hair is a bit frizzy try adding  some protein into your hair care regime.  That said, these products are perfect for those with medium-course to course textured hair.

During the trial I used all of the products together. I wanted to try to keep my test results as accurate as possible. I normally wash my hair every other day, MWF, so that is what I continued to do.  When dispensing the product into my palm I used no more than a half dollar sizeHalf_Dollar of the product, sometimes less, per application. The results of how long the product will last will vary depending on your length of hair and amount of hair. My hair comes to halfway below my shoulders and my bra strap and it is also fairly thick.

I started by cleansing my scalp with No-Poo, using  only one application. I applied the product into my palm and then rubbed my hands together to emulsify it. Then I raked the product from my palms to my finger tips, using,well, my finger tips. I then rubbed the product into my scalp vigorously, using my fingertips, for about 2-3 min. Once I had thoroughly cleansed my scalp, I ran what little product was left on my hands down the length of my hair from scalp to ends.  I let the No-Poo sit on my head while I attended to the rest of my shower duties. When I was done with the rest of my shower I thoroughly rinsed out my hair and turned off the shower. After carefully squeezing (not ringing) out the excess water from my hair, I applied the One conditioner to the palms of my hands and emulsified the product in my palms. I glided my hands over my hair pretending like I was putting in a pony tail, but continued running my hands over the the length of my hair from scalp to ends. Then I ran my fingers back up through my hair  from the ends to scalp, but not on the scalp, to help distribute the product more evenly (I only needed one application).  As soon as I felt that the product had been evenly distributed, I proceeded to apply Angell. Flipping my head over I applied 1 and 1/2 separate applications of  the product to my hair by running my fingers through the length of my hair beginning at the ends and working my way up towards the scalp (of course I again emulsified the product in my palms first). Next, I sprayed several pumps of Set It Free into my hair, on both the under side and top side (my head was still flipped over).  Then I firmly scrunched the product into my hair and followed with my normal hair plopping routine.

Of course I forgot to take any pictures of my hair during this time, but my curls were evenly formed and not frizzy. Second day hair was easy to wet and restyle, scrunching a pump or two of my Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera Gel  into my damp hair to ensure a frizz free day. My hair, which was already in good condition, remained soft and manageable. Overall, I give this product a  4 out of 5, mainly because a 5 would be my holy grail of products and also because they are rather costly. Please, let me know if you have used any of these products and what your results have been.

*I was given this kit to test by my local RDA distributor. A perk of being a cosmetologist.  I did not receive any payment, however for my review.

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