Wednesday, April 3, 2013

No Heat Hair Straightening Technique

I don't normally post things about how to straighten your hair, but I have been wanting to learn this No Heat Hair Straightening Technique for soooo long that I felt like it was my duty to share my fabulous results with ya'll.

You do not have to watch both videos, but they each have something to offer as far as tips, techniques, and general information goes. I apologize that I could not find any videos that were shorter in length. I tried. Feel free to skip through some of the nonsense parts and go straight to the meat of the videos. You will not be missing much. I used more of the techniques from the first video, but I did have to use clips (actually I used bobby pins), like the second video suggested, to keep things in place.

I wrapped last night before I went to bed. Yesterday was an unusual day for me in that I washed my hair and did NOT wear it curly (Gasp of horror!). Instead I put it up into a french braid so that by the end of the day my hair (of which I have A LOT) was still slightly damp in the center. I proceeded to wrap my hair with it being damp in places.

When I woke up this morning, I took down my hair and found that it had straightened considerably. However, I still had some waves on the left side of my head (I had wrapped my hair going from right to left, so clockwise). Since I happened to have some time where I didn't have anyplace to be, I went ahead and re wrapped it going in the opposite direction, so counter clockwise. I kept it wrapped for a few hours (2-3 hrs not sure) and then took it out. The left side was MUCH straighter this time, although I did have a few kinks from the bobby pins.  I took those few pieces that were kinked and straightened them out with my flat iron. I know, I was not totally heat free, but hey this was my first time. :)

Below are pictures of how it turned out. Try it out yourself and let me know how it turns out. :) P.S. I slept fine. It was no different than wearing my plopping towel to bed.
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