Wednesday, April 3, 2013

No Heat Hair Straightening Technique

I don't normally post things about how to straighten your hair, but I have been wanting to learn this No Heat Hair Straightening Technique for soooo long that I felt like it was my duty to share my fabulous results with ya'll.

You do not have to watch both videos, but they each have something to offer as far as tips, techniques, and general information goes. I apologize that I could not find any videos that were shorter in length. I tried. Feel free to skip through some of the nonsense parts and go straight to the meat of the videos. You will not be missing much. I used more of the techniques from the first video, but I did have to use clips (actually I used bobby pins), like the second video suggested, to keep things in place.

I wrapped last night before I went to bed. Yesterday was an unusual day for me in that I washed my hair and did NOT wear it curly (Gasp of horror!). Instead I put it up into a french braid so that by the end of the day my hair (of which I have A LOT) was still slightly damp in the center. I proceeded to wrap my hair with it being damp in places.

When I woke up this morning, I took down my hair and found that it had straightened considerably. However, I still had some waves on the left side of my head (I had wrapped my hair going from right to left, so clockwise). Since I happened to have some time where I didn't have anyplace to be, I went ahead and re wrapped it going in the opposite direction, so counter clockwise. I kept it wrapped for a few hours (2-3 hrs not sure) and then took it out. The left side was MUCH straighter this time, although I did have a few kinks from the bobby pins.  I took those few pieces that were kinked and straightened them out with my flat iron. I know, I was not totally heat free, but hey this was my first time. :)

Below are pictures of how it turned out. Try it out yourself and let me know how it turns out. :) P.S. I slept fine. It was no different than wearing my plopping towel to bed.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Make your own shampoo


Because I know that some of you out there like to to dabble in experimentation, I am posting these videos just for you. I haven't tried them yet, so please let me know what you think. I personally think I will be trying the No-Poo version first, once my current cleanser runs out.
This second video is a bit more advanced, but looks like it yields a very nice low-poo kind of shampoo. You could use Dr. Bonner's Castile liquid soap as your base instead of making this one and then doctor it up with the ingredients you need for you hair.

Happy soaping! :)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Coarse haired curlies and dry climates

So I have been on vacation for a couple of weeks in Utah, and I found out very quickly that my coarse hair did NOT like the dry environment.

In case you don't remember from my previous article on the differences between fine and coarse hair, coarse hairs are lacking in the moisture department but doing great when it comes to protein. So the dry desert weather in Utah has been doing nothing to help my moisture challenged hair.

In comes Deva curl's new product, Set up and Above, to the rescue. Sort of like a pomade, with all it's oily, moistury, goodness, it added back just the right amount of oomph to my parched locks (as depicted by the pictures below).

I would definitely recommended this product to any of my coarse haired curly clients living in dry weather conditions.

Update: 7/5/12
I am back home and once again in the humid Texas weather and I am still loving this product! I use much less, but I love the definition it brings to my curls even here.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Deva curls B'leave-in and Aquage Defining Gel

Since the last product article I did was for coarse hair, I thought today I would do one for fine hair. You level out the playing field.;) I have been using Aquage defining gel in the salon, on my fine haired clients, for a couple years now. While it's not been the right fit for everyone, it has been a big favorite with a majority of these clients (as they keep coming back time and time again to replenish their supply). I personally like the way the clients hair looks so much more defined and holds its shape well. I have more recently begun cocktailing Deva Curl's B'leave-in with the Aquage defining gel. Why? Because B'leave-in has protein in it, which fine hair needs, and I wanted to try it out, but I was not ready to commit to using it by itself. My observation has been that it does seem to give the hair a more bounce. These two products do not need to be cocktailed to be effective. Although I have not used B'leave-in by itself yet, I am confident it would do well on it's own. And of course I know, from years of experience, that Aquage defining gel does well on it's own too. So mix them or by them separately, but don't pass them up all together cause you might just be missing out on the product that will be just right for you.


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Short hair headband braid

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

5 easy braids for wet hair

    Who doesn't need a quick easy way to style their hair?! I love all of these looks! They are great for summer time, when you are bumming around, or you can clean them up and wear them to the office.
     This would also be a perfect hair-do to use after your lunch workout, when you have to head back to work, but don't have time to dry and style your hair.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Milk maid braids for short hair

Updated 5/5/15: A commenter brought to my attention that the previous video I had linked in this post was no longer visible to the public, as it's creator had switched the video to private. I am replacing it with this shorter and very easy to follow tutorial that accomplishes the same objective. It's great for those who have shorter curly hair and want something different to do with it. It worked great on my chin length, short layered curly hair. Hope you enjoy it too. :)
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