Saturday, February 18, 2012

Making the cut

There is nothing that a little haircut won't cure or, in some cases, a lot of haircut. It heals in many ways problems that otherwise would take years to fix. I had to be reminded of this the hard way. An unfortunate side effect of having gone so blonde was that my scalp could no longer endure the process of bleaching. Subsequently, I had to go progressively darker and darker even though my hair was in dire need of a rest from the coloring process. However, beauty does have its consequences. Eventually, I did have to cut off quite a bit of hair. Why you ask? Well not only was it dry and brittle but the curl was all but gone. Even employing my gentle hair techniques were not enough to overcome the damage caused by all the coloring. In the end I had to make a choice. Sad, frumpy, ugly hair or shorter, happier, healing hair. To wrap up just remember that when it seems hard to get your haircut but, because of damage, you need it; it is always worth it! Even though I was, and am still at times, saddened about having to start over in my hair growing process my curls are finaly back! And no amount of length can make up for that.
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