Friday, August 21, 2009

The War

There is a war that rages inside of me. One that I battle with on a regular basis - Curly vs. Straight. And while I have embraced my curls with open arms there are still days when I yearn to return to my old ways. Days of flat irons, round brushes, curling irons and using any professional shampoo, conditioner, or product I wanted to. I know I wasn't happy then and that this desire is not good for my curls. Yet, there are still days when I long to be like everyone else and say "to heck with my curls!" To be honest, I know that my war has been won. The curls won and will not be relinquishing their victory in any future time that I can imagine. Yet the battles still come to test my sincerity. Am I alone or are there others like me?

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