Thursday, January 14, 2010

How to Make a T-shirt Towel

Traditional terri cloth towels rough up your hair’s cuticle causing damage, tangles and frizz. The flat surface of the t-shirt helps keep the cuticle of the hair closed thus minimizing frizz, tangles and damage.
Items needed:
  • Old large or x-large t-shirt
  • Scissors 
  • Pen
  • Needle and thread or a sewing machine already threaded.
  • Minimal sewing knowledge
  1. Lie the t-shirt flat on the ground or table.100_0625
  2. Cut off arms
    3.   Cut along the side seams on both sides.100_0630
      4.  Open it up and lie it flat on the table. If the sides are cut choppy that’s ok you can fix it at the end.100_0632
     5.  On what was the front side of the t-shirt draw a straight line across the width of the shirt about 1 in. below the bottom of the collar.
      6.  Repeat on what used to be the back side of the shirt.   
      7.  Using scissors, cut along the front line. Repeat on the back line.
       8.  Place both halves with right sides together. Matching up the “collar” edges together and the bottom edges.
       9.  1 in. below the “collar” area sew a straight line across the width of the t-shirt. If you are sewing by hand, sew back over the line three times. Reinforcing the line will  help to ensure that it will remain tight through many washings.
       10.  Enjoy the look of your frizz free curls or straight hair with the help of your newly made t-shirt towel .
*After sewing the t-shirt back together I decided to straighten up the sides by re-cutting them so the finished product looked nice and neat.

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  1. Thanks! I made two towels from old cotton t-shirts using your instructions.


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