Tuesday, April 13, 2010

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Have a blog about curly hair? Have a blog about DIY projects, cooking, sewing, gardening, holistic home remedies, etc... Post your link here and share the knowledge. :) Use the following Linky Tools* to add your homepage URL to the list below. Please only one entry per blog.* 

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  1. Hi! I wasn't sure how to answer your question (If I should post an answer on my blog or just post a comment on yours). You are right. I didn't sew up the center of the top credit card sections like the tutorial showed. I left mine open for coupons, etc. And my old wallet was brown. I lucked out that I was able to have some brown edging that matched ok with my new fabric so I just sewed the ID card slot right on. I hope this helps! I have naturally cutly hair and am excited to browse your blog!

  2. Thanks for responding so quickly!:) Hopefully, I can get started on my wallet this week. Hope you enjoy my blog. Please, feel free to leave your link in the above area before you leave so that my readers can enjoy your neat craft ideas.


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