Monday, September 14, 2009


I think that I need to take this time, before we get to far into things, to clarify a few misconceptions.  This blog is dedicated to anyone who has any form of curly hair. The ideas that I will cover in this blog can benefit wavy hair to super tight curly hair, and (wait for it) even those with straight hair! :O (What! Yes, straight haired girls can get away with more but what I share can help them too.) Regardless of whether or not you follow every guideline I give, i.e., no flat irons, you can still achieve amazing results. Maybe even results you thought would never be possible.  My hope is that through our journey together you will learn how to pamper your hair, and hopefully, find pleasure with the hair type that God gave you. Please, feel free to ask questions and leave comments with regards to any of the articles. I want your input because without you I am just talking to myself.


  1. Straight hair! I'm SO excited!!! Any help that will give my fine hair a lift and some body would be GREATly appreciated! :) I've learned to volumize and smooth- but it's all so damaging :( Teasing and spraying and ironing = :( How do you feel about highlighting and coloring? Can I still do that?

  2. Not having enough volume seems to be something that many struggle with. Those with curly hair usually don't experience this problem but I am sure there are some out there who do. I will research some kinder methods and post the results when I am done.
    While highlighting and coloring are damaging I am going to go with it's your own personal preference. There are definitely ways though to minimize damage and I will get to that in due time. :)
    Thanks for your comments.


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